Adam Meyer Reviews

When it comes to sports handicappers and touts no name is more recognized and looked up to than Adam Meyer. Owner and operator of Real Money Sports located in southeast Florida the famed sports capper researchers and studies games to deliver winning picks to his cleints each and every week at Real Money Sports. Adam is most widely known for his million dollar bets that proves that he puts his money where his mouth is when it comes to making money for himself as well as his clients.

Outstanding Reviews from the Wall Street Journal, Cigar Aficionado, & CNBC

The world largest financial news network CNBC has featured Adam Meyer on numerous occasions. The latest feature by sports column expert Darren Rovell says it best. Meyer puts his money where his mouth is. He told all of his Real Money Sports clients to wager on a horse called Animal Kingdom as he expected the horse to win the Kentucky Derby. With a $25,000 wager and $543,000 in winnings it proved to be an enormously profitable bet and thanks to his great perception and avid betting abilities he was able to make an incredible return on investment for his clients and himself. The CNBC news article also speaks about his most notorious bet where he won a futures bet worth $1.2 million dollars from a $100,000 initial wager at 12-1 odds for the Green Bay Packers to win the Super Bowl. Since becoming famous for these top notch bets a lot of the Las Vegas, Nevada sportsbooks now refuse to even take his action thanks to his ability to continously beating the bookmakers over and over again.

Simply put if you are not betting with the legend Adam Meyer than you probably are not making as much money as you could. His skills and advice for finding excellent opportunities in the futures market has payed off exponentially for his clients and the advice that you will receive to hedge your wagers when needed is a service that nobody else in the world offers.

The reviews are in and they are extraordinarily positive. The key is to maintain your focus and work with the handicappers that are going to make you money. Contact Real Money Sports today by calling 1-800-355-5883 and say code "Sports Lynx" to receive a free bonus courtesy of our team here.

Everybody had a huge football season and recently on the radio we overheard Adam discussing his proposition bets and end of season package where Adam had over 5 million dollars worth of bets on Super Bowl 47 alone. If there is one gambler than you want to follow who makes money for himself and his clients than you want to work with the real deal Meyer. From ESPN to Cigar Aficionado all have touted him as the all time greatest living handicapper and with good reason. Contact us today to learn more about how to work with the best sports handicappers in the business.