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Sports Lynx Syndicate got off to a fast start in the 2014 MLB Season and has kept the hand hot all the way through. We've got GUARANTEED winners every day for as low as $10. That's why we're the juggernauts of the online sports handicapping world, we can afford to give the deals that other services wouldn't dare think of doing. Why shop with the smaller, more expensive services when you can get a better source, and for cheaper, from our team at Sports Lynx Syndicate? So get on board today by calling in and seeing what we can do for you and your bankroll!


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7 Stars Club


The Premier Sports Investment Information


As the largest Sports Syndicate in the continental United States, we know better than anyone that SIZE MATTERS. But even more important than size is QUALITY… Introducing the *NEW* 7 Stars Club from Sports Lynx Syndicate. The 7 Stars Club is the most exclusive and profitable investment group the sports world has ever known. Created in September of 2010 when the contract of the largest Sports Information provider in the business inexplicably expired with once famed Sports Service, Las Vegas Sports Picks. Sports Lynx stepped in quickly to secure the exclusive rights, and now is able to bring this superior information to you. Because this provider works as a separate and independent entity we've created a NEW package exclusively dedicated to this premium information. The 7 Stars Club. And the only place you can get this premium information is here at Sports Lynx. To qualify you must have a bankroll of at least $500.

Like our other Premium Membership Packages, you will be assigned your own Financial Consultant to work with you to maximize your investment on each play. Your personal account manager will work with you on a game to game basis to manage your bets and build your own investment portfolio to ensure that your getting the absolute most out of your bankroll. We'll give you advice every step of the way on how each game's rating translates into the size bet you should make to maximize your odds. In this game of numbers, our financial experts are just another crucial part of what makes Sports Lynx the juggernaut of the Sports Investment industry. Below you'll see a graphic depiction of our 7 Stars Club members' results from 2012:

7 star club results

Over 82% of our 7 Star Club Members with a starting bankroll of only $500 profited in excess of $3,000 within the first month, while 88% of our $5,000 bankroll players doubled their investment within the first month. This is the most exclusive and sought-after sports information in the world, and now we have retained the exclusive rights to it for the the next 5 years. Call today and ask for more details and see what the 7 Stars Club can do for you.


Welcome to Sports Lynx Syndicate

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Say NO to traditional handicappers and inconsistent formulas and join the most reputable and well connected Sports Syndicate in the entire world. With offices in Las Vegas, Miami, New York, and London, our reach stretches across the globe. We receive daily reports from our various in-the-field scouts on every game from all of the 3 major American sports. Because we employ a team of over 200 specialists, made up of mostly scouts and consultants, we're able to grade every single game taking place each day, while other services are limited to only focusing on a select few. It's this method that allows us to deliver only the absolute cream of the crop to our clients. Don't gamble with scam artists Handicappers or fuzzy formulas, get on board with the jugernaut of sports information. We even help you with online sportsbook bonus codes like bet365 to give you that extra edge every step of the way.


Founded in 1993 when 3 of the 7 major Sports Gambling Services merged to create Sports Information Syndicate, we eventually merged once again in '98 with LSVP to create our current syndicate, Sports Lynx, which is by far the largest Sports Syndicate in the entire country. For over a decade now, Sports Lynx has been growing our network throughout the sports world and building the kind of connections necessary to sustain a winning record over such a period of time. You don't make it in this industry without being damn good at it, and not only is our team good... It's the best. Get in the door today and let us show you what Sports Lynx can do for you. We have a variety of packages and samplers to fit every size player. So whether you're a large stakes player who relies on sports gambling as a main source of income, or if you're simply in it for the cheap thrill... We've got something for you.


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