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Say NO to traditional handicappers and inconsistent formulas and join the most reputable and well connected Sports Syndicate in the entire world. With offices in Las Vegas, Miami, New York, and London, our reach stretches across the globe. We receive daily reports from our various in-the-field scouts on every game from all of the 3 major American sports. Because we employ a team of over 200 specialists, made up of mostly scouts and consultants, we're able to grade every single game taking place each day, while other services are limited to only focusing on a select few. It's this method that allows us to deliver only the absolute cream of the crop to our clients. Don't gamble with scam artists Handicappers or fuzzy formulas, get on board with the jugernaut of sports information.


Founded in 1993 when 3 of the 7 major Sports Gambling Services merged to create Sports Information Syndicate, we eventually merged once again in '98 with LSVP to create our current syndicate, Sports Lynx, which is by far the largest Sports Syndicate in the entire country. For over a decade now, Sports Lynx has been growing our network throughout the sports world and building the kind of connections necessary to sustain a winning record over such a period of time. You don't make it in this industry without being damn good at it, and not only is our team good... It's the best. Get in the door today and let us show you what Sports Lynx can do for you. We have a variety of packages and samplers to fit every size player. So whether you're a large stakes player who relies on sports gambling as a main source of income, or if you're simply in it for the cheap thrill... We've got something for you.

So far this basketball season we have had over 71% winners against the spread since December. The 2013 season has been easy for our group of handicappers who treat betting on the NBA as an investment rather than treating it as gambling. Thanks to our disciplined approach and proper mentality we are able to profit immensely with our daily service plays. If you're not working with the Sports Lynx than you aren't working to make money this hoops season.

So far this year we have destroyed the bookmakers with our Expert National Basketball Assocation picks. Thanks to our skilled handicappers consenseus betting picks and our comparison betting system that we have created we have profited over 53 units so far this hoops season. Our betting system incorporates the latest trends, points scored on the road, points scored at home, rebounds per game, and a handful of other factors that have proven to be effective for creating a winning system. 

Join us today, thank us tomorrow.



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Winner Winner chicken dinner. That has been the chat as we have gone 7-0 betting with the Miami Heat straight up for 2 games and Against the Spread during their franchise record winning streak. If you like to win and make money than there is one and only one service to get your professional hoops betting picks from. Contact us today to get started with a free trial and see what all of the syndicate hype is about for our award winning sports service made by sports bettors for professional sports bettors looking to beat the bookmakers.